‘Memory Box’ NHS

‘Memory Box’ performance August 2011 Calderdale Royal Hospital Audience comments- including staff and Service users…..

‘Interesting use of real memories with live acting & reminiscence props. Lots of media to use and experience’ (Staff member)

‘This show reminded me of a museum that has been brought to the ward. There were so many components to it including sound (music), lighting and film and even live actors in addition to the many exhibits. The show attracted a lot of interest from service users and gave a good, nostalgic feeling’ (Staff member)

‘Interesting, calm’ (Service user)

‘great idea to start a memory box. Inspirational!’ (Staff member)

‘Thanks, Paul & Abi I found the use of objects in the environment ( along with labels/details/info etc) very powerful and felt this must be a positive influence on staff i.e. improve person-centred care. The performers were excellent – role play almost too good! I think this showcase/memory box is excellent for staff’ (Team leader)

‘Absolutely fabulous display which brought back lots of memories and has added lots of value to the lives of the patients’ (relative/carer)

Fantastic installation. Really inspirational valuing the older person. (Staff member)

‘An impressive example of centering on the person and their memories’ (Staff member)

‘It’s good to remember they’re not always old’. (Ward Cleaner)

‘Giving a sense of belonging in unfamiliar surroundings’ (Independent Mental Health Advocate)

‘I work in the Trust’s communications team and visited the installation. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It gave me chills seeing and reading the memories. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!’ (Lisa Millett, Communications Officer)

Absolutely amazing! Thoroughly enjoyed the sweeties, and the trip down memory lane. Would love to see something similar on the Working Age Adult inpatient ward! (Adult ward Staff member)

‘I visited yesterday and today. I enjoyed my first visit listened to Iris’s story on the headphones. Iris has a wonderful voice and I enjoyed hearing Iris reading from a book during her stay. On my second visit I spent more time listening to the film and reading people’s comments. This has been a wonderful experience. Well done. (Carole, Physiotherapist)

‘Had some positive feedback of patients enjoying being involved with the project. It has given them some purpose whilst on the ward and helped them re live happier memories’ (Matt- Team leader)



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