2Tour Tackle Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation  a reoccurring term heard in the media & many communities particularly in Oldham & surrounding areas. Matthew Moss High school was the first school to trial our performance workshop ‘Stacey’s Story’ here are a few of the teachers & students comments;

‘The workshop is ‘bang on trend’ with the issues Oldham & Rochdale are facing at the moment. Really engaging & active experience ’  

S. Hinchcliffe PSE Co-coordinator & Yr 9 tutor

 ‘I learnt what grooming was’

 ‘I think this workshop was good it helped us & I’ve learnt what to be aware of’

‘I’ve learnt to listen to your guardians & don’t trust strangers’

‘I learnt to be more cautious in relationships’

Yr 9 Students comments

Student comment 1IMG_5479

The workshop was a mixture of performance & drama activities. Participants met Stacey a student living in Oldham, Stacey appeared throughout the workshop & delivered a monologue about her life; the monologue was split into 4 sections. In between each section the students took part in drama activities & explored Stacey’s situation & created solutions.

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance workshop and are planning to take it to several schools & colleges around the local area. The feedback & comments we have received was fantastic & we were extremely impressed with the maturity & behaviour of Matthew Moss students.

We look forward to working with you again soon!

For more information or to book a 2Tour Workshop please get in touch.
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'2Tour Theatre aim to inspire young audiences; influencing the future generation of theatre makers through movement based theatre.’
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