2Tour Ensemble 2011 performance

Audience comments…… 

‘Excellent mix of physical theatre and script- clearly a lot of research on the subject. Both entertaining and thought provoking’

‘What a fab show! We could not takes our eyes of it’

‘Very well done, unique, creative and brilliant use of music we’ll look forward to your next piece’

‘Very good use of space, Good ensemble, great movement with the machines, good actors and a good vibe as you walk in’

‘Nicely constructed work with nice use of pace. There was nothing extraneous, everything had a purpose and spoke volumes’

‘Great show-Full of enthusiasm onwards and upwards’

‘Fantastic show Congratulations! Every performer had fantastic focus, creating a slick, exciting, original piece of theatre’

‘Fantastic work 2Tour, hope to see you in the future with more great shows!’

‘This is the first time we have seen 2Tour, thought they were amazing, will defiantly come and see them again’

‘The show was fab! Really enjoyed the atmosphere felt very welcome, great performance’

‘Very Impressive performance, very atmospheric setting’

‘Fantastic how the use of movement can convey so much emotion, very clever! Very enjoyable performance’

‘Loved the intimate performance space’

‘Very realistic acting, excellent professionalism by all cast members’

‘Fantastic acting and dance I was thoroughly impressed’

‘Thank-you for such an intimate piece of theatre I was at the Lowry last night watching this huge stage spectacular –its so nice to return to a warm and friendly space being so close to the performer, being drawn into their stories’

‘Really well written and directed’

‘Costumes were great, loved the history behind it, I can’t wait for the next show!’


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