Front Row Theatre

The Only Way is Oldham

The Brief
The project was to create a performance piece which presents the opportunities available to those wanting to take up vocational training at The Oldham College. It should be a snapshot of the type of courses available at the college, light hearted, entertaining and to capture The Oldham College atmosphere in a fun but real way. The result;

“The Only Way Is Oldham”

2Tour Theatre have been working with FrontRow Theatre ; a student led theatre group, on an intensive 4 week training and rehearsal programme at the college to produce the above stated product.

The students have gained skills in ensemble energy, physical strength and movement control, while spending lots of time on large, detailed characters. Giving the company chance to develop a walk, stance and gesture for their character gave them a clear distinction from themselves to becoming their character. Learning traits to embody over their everyday movements ensure a confident and clear transition in performance.

The show is scheduled to tour from the 19th September 2011 for 2 weeks, and the show is available with a workshop exploring vocational routes at The Oldham College. Not only is the show entertaining and informative, and we have a workshop to go with it; it’s only FREE to have at your school. Thats right FREE. Please get in touch to book.

Email –
Phone -07999236392
Twitter – @2tourtheatre

Thanks for reading and watching;
C0-Artistic Directors

We have started a new project with a new company at the Oldham College, which is all about the promotion of vocational options for school leavers looking for their next move.

The new company are going to take on the challenge of devising the performance, which is scheduled to tour in early September around several secondary schools in the Oldham area. The company have had two great training sessions this week, in preparation for a three week intensive rehearsal programme starting after half term.

There will be lots more pictures, videos and interviews with the cast over the next few weeks, but for now have a sneak peek at their second training session together. They are training in ensemble techniques and movement based drama, to create and perform their own original work.

Thanks for reading/watching
Please get in touch for any more details…

Paul & Abi
Co-Artistic Directors

Imperial War Museum



Front Row Theatre will performing at the Imperial War Museum on Sunday 17th April… 12:15pm and 2:15pm.

There will be several intimate characters scattered around the museum who will tell you their story of war. You will hear the characters personal experiences of war time hard ship through intimate story telling. This is a one off experience at the Imerpial War Museum, that shouldn’t be missed.

If you require any further information please get in touch. – @2tourtheatre2Tour Theatre (Facebook Group)


Introducing The Oldham College Performing Arts Theatre Company “Front Row”.

This is a new venture for the Oldham College, as they auditioned their currents Acting and Musical Theatre Students to create the 1st resident theatre company in the college.  The company is made up of 8 students from the 1st & 2nd year National Diploma in Acting and Musical Theatre.

The company is supported by the college and mentored by 2Tour Theatre. The 8 strong ensemble make their own decisions and choices artistically and as a creative business.  They are looking to promote themselves as a company versatile enough to create touring theatre with strong messages and entertaining material.

More information will be available soon on this blog and also across Front Row media platforms.  They officially launch the company at the Grange Arts Centre 12th January 2011. If you would like to know more information on the launch and how to get invites, please comment or email your questions.

Thanks for Reading.


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