Memory Box – Arts and Health

‘Memory box’ is a Performance Installation on the Beechdale Ward in Calderdale Royal Hospital. It will be performed by utilising the quiet lounge area in the ward.

The idea of the installation is to invite the audience which is strictly hospital staff and patients in small numbers to experience a room filled with the memories of the patients that they care for on a daily basis. We will be looking to engage with the audience via sensory experiences, such as smells, touch and hearing to allow the audience to be transported to a snap shot in time;  the lives and experiences of people staying on the ward.

People admitted to acute admission units within the Trust’s older people’s services such as Beechdale Ward often have great difficulty communicating their difficulties and having their stories and needs heard, understood and where necessary acted upon.

Staff who work in these units develop ways to best communicate with patients, and arts and health projects like this help staff discover more about a patient’s past; leading to better communication, improved relationships and better understanding of a person in order to best meet their needs.

2Tour Theatre have been on the ward for a full week, chatting and reminiscing.  This information is what will form the different elements that will be in the “Memory Box”.
This is a new project for 2Tour Theatre, as we venture into the Arts and Health sector, which is proving to be very exciting, informative and at times emotional.

For more information on the project, you can contact 2Tour Theatre directly and for Press enquires please contact Lisa Millett on 01924 327055 or at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Thanks for reading

Co-Artistic Directors


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