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‘Accused’ what a success!!

Thank-you to everyone that came to support us last week for our ensemble performance ‘Accused’ The performers and our tech team James and Rachel did a fab job! J We had nearly a full house for our evening show with lots of family, friends and colleagues coming to watch. Here is our favourite ensemble picture, very creepy how it turned out!

The audience was pretty much silent for the whole 40 minutes with hesitant laughter at the lighter moments, cautious of the dangers of laughing at someone else’s expense. You could feel the atmosphere in the room was nervous as stories were revealed and exposed. It was left to the audience’s opinions which characters were guilty and which were innocent.  Audience members were empathising with the characters as they were accused of such terrible crimes with some getting their justice and some being left to fight their case.

The cast took their bow and the audience came to life- buzzing with conversation and sharing their opinions and questions.  The audience reaction was just how 2Tour like it- lots of questions and debate about the issues we had covered. Some audience replies were;

‘ I will be working next week and this show will come back to me and i’ll start again to unpick the stories to work it all out’

A friend of ours in the police force commented;

how realistic and well researched it was’.

We thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece and can’t wait to get to grips with the new ensemble in May. If you would like to join 2Tour Train on Thursday evenings exploring physical theatre training please get in touch with us ASAP to secure a place.  In the mean time here are a few more pics from the show to keep you going until the next one!

Thanks again to Kevin Bannon for your art work, Meic Watkins for the venue, James and Rachel for your technical whizz and all the wonderful cast members.

If you would like to get in contact, we email, we phone, we tweet, we facebook.

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Accused Performance April 19th 2012

Artwork by Kevin Bannon –

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2Tour Up Date 2012


For our dedicated followers on the blog and Twitter, the first thing is to say thank you for your support.  We love knowing that people are passing through our blog an taking the time to have a look at what were up to.

We had a fantastic evening at the Oldham College Awards Evening 2012, where we were asked to be Oldham’s answer to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. (we’ll let you decide who was who)
We were extremely proud to be presenting the evening, which was full of award winners from across the college, and some amazing performances. We really enjoyed presenting the evening and found that we quickly became comfortable presenting in front of the 800 strong audience.  (Picture from the dressing room below)

Training classes are going ahead as normal on Thursday evening with 2Tour Train. The ensemble is working towards their show “ACCUSED”, which will be shown in April 2012, so keep on the blog for details of tickets going on sale. In addition to that we are launching a wednesday evening training class for 16 plus at the studio. If you are interested in becoming a part of the new ensemble please get in touch, we only take 8 members at a time to train. (and its incredible low in price)

We are out delivering workshops across Oldham and Rochdale at the moment, working with GCSE and A level students on their devising and movement modules. We really enjoy working with students, giving them new ways of working that are interesting and open more possibilities when devising and creating performance for their exams. Recent workshop at Crompton House have proven very successful and show 2Tour what incredible young talent is out there. If you want to know more about our education packages please get in touch and access further information here.

In addition to all our work, we are also in the process of making connections and partnerships across Greater Manchester within the Arts and Health sector, so further development of our Memory Box Installation can take place. We are very excited about what our project achieved on the Beechdale Ward in Calderdale Royal Hospital, and we are passionate that we continue to make connections with organisations who want to help promote and develop the art and health project further in 2012.

Its all very exciting! we are looking forward to the hard work ahead of us, as we know how rewarding it will all be when we look back at our second year as 2Tour Theatre.

Please subscribe, tweet, say hello, get in touch,

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Wednesday Training Classes Starting Now

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Training Workshops

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Touring with Front Row Theatre

We have been very busy over the past few months with the Oldham College student led theatre company Front Row. ‘The only way is Oldham’ is the piece we have been working on with them, it’s a devised piece based on 6 students journey’s; from taking a vocational course at the Oldham college through to beginning their careers and getting a Job.


2Tour mentor Front Row and usually just offer assistance and guidance for them to create their own work, for this project it has been slightly different as we have directed this piece and we have loved every minute of it!


The show has just been taken on tour to schools around Oldham visiting year 11 students, it has hopefully given them a taste of it’s like to study a vocational course at the Oldham College. Schools including Hathershaw school, Falinge school, Waterhead Academy, Royton and Crompton and Oldham Academy north. The reaction from the students and teachers at the schools was fantastic they loved the characters, humor and the companies overall professionalism.


As part of the tour Front Row delivered workshops at the schools and we helped the students running facilitation workshops and helping them to structure an informative fun workshop. They were very well received and all students that took part produced some great work themselves. We can’t wait for the next Front Row project!!


The tour is now complete, and Front Row and 2Tour Theatre are working with media professionals at the Oldham College to edit the show into a film version to be used for marketing and career purposes in the college and to be sent to schools to explore.

For more information on our work with Oldham College, please get in touch.

Paul and Abi

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2Tour Ensemble Performance

2Tour studios opened up its doors for its first performance! 2Tour Train our youth ensemble performed a devised piece based on the cotton mill industry.

Having the setting we have at Woodend mill it was inevitable for us to create a piece that accentuates the beautiful and historic surroundings. The piece was devised over a couple of months by our ensemble on Thursday evenings with direction from us. We couldn’t wait to share with you some of the great comments we received in our comments book after the two shows!

Excellent mix of physical theatre and script clearly a lot of research on the subject. Both entertaining and thought provoking’

‘What a fab show, couldn’t take our minds of it more of the same please’

Very well done, unique, creative and brilliant use of music’

‘Fantastic acting and dancing I was throughly impressed’

‘We are very proud of Abi and Paul it’s lovely to see their hard work has come together to give a brilliant performance with their students.’

The ensemble has grown and we are now working on the next piece ‘The Accused’ training and devising on thursday evenings videos and pictures coming soon!

Thanks for reading, remember to get in touch with any comments and questions.
Paul & Abi
Co – Artistic Directors



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Announcing NHS Project with 2Tour Theatre

‘Memory box’ is a Performance Installation on the Beechdale Ward in Calderdale Royal Hospital. It will be performed by utilising the quiet lounge area in the ward.

The idea of the installation is to invite the audience which is strictly hospital staff and patients in small numbers to experience a room filled with the memories of the patients that they care for on a daily basis. We will be looking to engage with the audience via sensory experiences, such as smells, touch and hearing to allow the audience to be transported to a snap shot in time;  the lives and experiences of people staying on the ward.

People admitted to acute admission units within the Trust’s older people’s services such as Beechdale Ward often have great difficulty communicating their difficulties and having their stories and needs heard, understood and where necessary acted upon.

Staff who work in these units develop ways to best communicate with patients, and arts and health projects like this help staff discover more about a patient’s past; leading to better communication, improved relationships and better understanding of a person in order to best meet their needs.

2Tour Theatre have been on the ward for a full week, chatting and reminiscing.  This information is what will form the different elements that will be in the “Memory Box”.
This is a new project for 2Tour Theatre, as we venture into the Arts and Health sector, which is proving to be very exciting, informative and at times emotional.

For more information on the project, you can contact 2Tour Theatre directly and for Press enquires please contact Lisa Millett on 01924 327055 or at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Thanks for reading

Co-Artistic Directors

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2Tour Train

A little video from 2Tour Train.. Enjoy

If you like what you see and hear, please get in touch, as we are taking details for our training classes starting back in September.


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